Silver Runner (LLC) represents modern, Intermodal container logistics company with own intermodal container park located and stored mainly in Hungary (Budapest).



Sea Freight

- Greater flexibility.
- Extensive coverage around the world.

Rail Freight

- Reliable transit times and schedules.
- Railways are the most efficient of land transportation.
- Rail transportation is very safe.
- Rail freight from China to Europe will save about 70% more than air transport, while the transit time will be reduced by 50% compared with sea delivery.

Road Transport

- Every logistical movement of goods requires road transportation.
- Reduced documentation.
- Wide range of vehicles available.
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Value Added Services

- Container storage
- Container sale
- Container rent
- Green logistics

Container Sales

Container Sales

- New or IICL container resale services

Container Rent

Container Rent

Container Storage

Container Storage

Depots in:
- Budapest
- Vienna

Container Transport

Container Transport

- Greater flexibility.
- Extensive coverage around the world.
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Our Mission and Vision

are driven by idea to realize advantages of geographical location, available academical background in transportation and logistics management, powered by experience in intermodal container management and transform it in highly competitive intermodal container logistics and freight forwarding services offered in Hungary and abroad.


Our core competences are freight forwarding of cargo in intermodal containers of different types and wide range on logistics solutions related to freight forwarding in intermodal containers in and between Asia and Europe.

Core Values

Customer service

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. Mahatma Ghandi.”


We are consuming limited resources of this planet. In logistics we also must take our part to reduce carbon footprint.


Always open-minded for new solutions. The World is moving fast, if you lose tempo, you will stay behind.


Accountability is a necessary trait and requirement for every leader. Common Purpose, Clear Expectations, Communicate and Align, Coach and Collaborate, Consequences.

Teamwork and value of our people

Just as important as it is to have a satisfied customer, as important is it to have satisfied employees. Within the company we need proud and happy employees. They are representing the company on daily basis. We understand these values.


ship, a plane, a train and a truck for intermodal container transport

What is intermodal transportation?

It is safe to say, that the rise of the intermodal containers changed the freight forwarding forever. With them now we are able to deliver huge ammount of cargo, which was unimaginable before the 1920s.

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container depot wtih lots of containers and some trucks

What is a Container Depot?

Container depots are an ideal case study of logistics and operations management. They showcase the steps that can be taken to overcome important problems such as bottlenecks and lack of space.

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