Our extensive inventory is ready to go when you are. With immediate delivery options, we ensure that you can get your container where it needs to be, fast.

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Large inventory

In Budapest, we offer a diverse stock of 40’HC shipping containers in multiple colors and years, with prices starting at just 1990 USD.

Find your perfect container with us!

We have a unit for any need

Whether it’s for secure storage, efficient transport, or innovative living spaces, our containers are the versatile choice for any project.

With our extensive selection of high-quality shipping containers, we’ve got you covered. Our units come in a range of sizes and configurations to perfectly suit your specific needs.

Additional services

Container Storage

Container Storage

With our container depot services, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of having your containers handled by experts.
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Container Rent

Container Rent

Renting or leasing a shipping container is a smart and cost-effective way to store or move your goods. You can choose from different options, such as new or used, standard or modified, and short-term or long-term contracts.
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